Style Guide: How to Pick out the Perfect Prom Dress

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The decorations will be set, the music planned, and the last element of prom is up to you – to find the perfect dress. Every unique personality and body shape deserves to be highlighted with the most appealing color, style, and fit and all for a reasonable price. When all of these elements align you’ll have the ideal prom attire. Read on to discover helpful tips in accomplishing such a feat.

  • BudgetSet a budget: Prom dress shopping doesn’t have to break the bank to be a success. No one will know how few or many dollars you spend unless you tell them, which makes shopping consignment the perfect solution. Not only are you more likely to find a unique, one of a kind option, you wont have to blow your college savings to make the purchase.
  • Be open to new styles: There aren’t too many opportunities in life to get dressed up and have a blast with your friends. This is not the time to play it safe with fashion!  Skim the recent fashion magazines with an open mind before you go exploring. Take a friend shopping with you who has a completely different style and allow them to select a few dresses of their choosing for you to try on. You might be surprised, that one dress you would’ve looked over could be your perfect prom dress. Letting the dress find you is key.
  • IMG_3843Balance dress and accessories: If you end up choosing a highly ornamented dress with sequin, beading and the like, think twice about your hair and accessories. You don’t want to be overpowering in every aspect, because your friends won’t be able to appreciate the details of the dazzling dress you’ve picked out. On the flip side if you choose an understated dress with good shape and line, but it has minimal sparkle, dress it up with chandelier earrings and a tear drop diamond look pendant.
  • Body type & style: Every body is different which makes the dress shopping experience a challenge. Be realistic about your body shape and what dresses flatter your natural curves.
    • Pear.jpgPear – If you have a pear shaped body type, you’ll want to add fullness to your upper body while emphasizing your waist and minimizing the attention given to your lower body to help create balance.  Dress styles to look for are, full A-line skirts, sweetheart necklines, and belts or sashes that accentuate the waistline.


    • StraightStraight – If you have a slim figure with minimal curves, your best choice is to select a dress that creates fullness around the shoulders and hip area. Dresses that can accomplish this might have princess or flutter sleeves. A dress with a wide set waistband and blousy top will help create the proper affect. Bubble skirts are a fun way to add volume to your lower half.



    • HourglassHourglass – This body type will have minimal issues when looking for a dress to flatter. Most dress styles will look nice with the hourglass frame. A fitted dress will show off this figure nicely.




    • appleApple – If your weight distributes evenly in your midsection, bust, and hips you may have an apple shaped body.  The most flattering styles will draw the attention vertically and focus away from the waistline. Short cut dresses help show off this body type’s long and strong legs. Don’t go too short, as it will give a top-heavy appearance. The Empire waist is also a flattering style for this body type.


    • Don’t take too many people shopping with you: One of the biggest mistakes is going dress shopping in a gaggle.  One too many opinions will make you second-guess a good decision. Take one or at most two trusted friends who can help you stick to a budget, explore new styles, and will be honest with you when a dress is a dud, or a home run.

The Loft on main street in Ames, Iowa has a vast selection of prom dresses for the 2013 season. Stop in to browse our perfect prom dresses. You can check out new arrivals on our Facebook page.

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