Designer Handbags – How to Tell the Real Deal from an Imposture

Coach bag

Quality. Honesty of material. Research. These three elements will guide you to use good discernment in a designer handbag purchase. Most seasoned shoppers will only own one or a very small collection of true designer hand bags, so becoming familiar with the product before you buy is key. It can be extremely difficult to tell the difference between an authentic designer bag, and a look alike knock-off.  Continue reading to discover the ways to determine the difference.

High Standard of Quality: A designer bag will not fall short of perfection. Brand standards are of the upmost importance to the high quality brands such as MARC JACOBS, Burberry, and Coach. Pay close attention to the details.

  • StitchingStitching should be straight and even. Any unnecessary double back stitching is a sure sign of a fake. 
  • Patterns should match up at the seems. Especially when a pattern features the brand logo.
  • Check the spelling of the brand name. Some knock off designs miss this somewhat obvious detail and reveal the fake immediately.
  • Inspect the interior of the bag. If the lining is made up of a cheap paper like material, it could be a fake. It will more often than not be lined with leather. Check the tags as well on the inside of the bag.
  • If the coloring is not consistant and fades at any point on the surface of the bag, it is another sign the quality is not up to designer standard.

Use your other senses: The imitation designer handbag is meant to fool the eye, but not necessarily the other senses of touch and smell.

  • HardwareConfirm the presence of leather by touching the surface. If it is sticky or moist it is most likely imitation leather and designer bags will use the real honest material. Smell the fabric. Real leather will have a strong scent were the imposture will not.
  • When looking at the hardware and zippers, they should feel solid and heavy. If buying a used bag and the zipper is missing, this is a sign the quality is not great, and therefore a knock-off.

Doing your Homework

Tag InteriorDesigner Handbags, like fashion are released by season. If you’ve followed a certain style of bag you will be able to find out where that particular bag was designed and crafted. Looking at the tags you should be able to match up the location if you know it.

Having the real thing right next to the a fake is the surest way to get a fair comparison. Since this would be difficult to arrange the best way to compare is to go to the reliable stores such as Nordstrom and Coach and become familiar with the bags and what details are consistant with that designer. You will soon become an expert at spotting the illegal copies when shopping consignment.

A great place to do further research is The creator Susan Scafidi has dedicated her life to helping the public with copyrighting issues in fashion.

Now that you are informed, shopping consignment for a designer handbag is a great way to make a fashionable purchase for a reasonable price. Protect yourself and others from a scam by keeping up on brand standards and shopping smart. Check out the Loft in Ames, Iowa for new arrivals of gently used designer handbags and other great fashion accessories.

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