Made in America – The Loft Supports Local

Red White & BlueWe all win when we support local products. It feeds immediately into the economy that created and serviced the goods, and supports the very soil our forefathers fought for. It’s not only patriotic to buy American, but it recognizes the American dream and what it stands for. If you read on, this fourth of July you will not only be saluting those that have fallen before, but those that will go ahead, paving the way for America’s strong economy.

Benefits of Shopping Local: It really comes down to simple math. When you shop locally, the money you spend goes right back into the community you spent it in. The taxes help the schools and roads, and the small mom and pop shops have a better chance for survival. Perhaps most importantly, it creates jobs in the US that would otherwise be shipped overseas.

One additional benefit is that purchasing products made in this region ensures that there were not unnecessary transportation efforts that are bad for our environment. All around when possible, choosing products made in the US is the better choice.

Quality is another reason to buy American. A lot of the products made overseas are of poor condition for a couple of reasons. One reason is that the whole motivation for producing over seas is to save money, and we all know you get what you pay for. The second is that when products are made here in the US, there is a certain pride that comes along with the production of those items, resulting in high quality.

Consignment ShopConsignment: Shopping consignment ensures that you are supporting the local economy no matter what brands you choose. By re-purposing clothing you are ensuring that good condition items don’t get thrown away or end up in a landfill. By shopping at the Loft orDuck Worth Wearing, you can get great products at awesome prices and help out local families, employees, and business owners.






Made in AmericaLook at Labels: Some manufactures try to trick the consumer by putting an American flag next to the text – “Made in Vietnam” or “Made in China”. Don’t be fooled, laws state the use of a patriotic symbols is okay as long as the text of where it is made is clear. Make sure you pay close attention, and get to know the brands that are exclusively made here in the US. If you want to get extreme you can always contact the manufactures directly to ask them where they manufacture.

Featured Brands: The brands listed below are known for having products made in America.

  • American Apparel
  • Chippewa boots
  • Filson Apparel
  • Kepner Scott Children’s shoes
  • Stetson hats
  • True Religion Jeans
  • Archival Clothing Bags
  • Maptote Bags
  • Beverly Hills Basics
  • Black Halo
  • Pendleton
  • Raleigh Denim
  • Taylor Stitch
  • UNIS


Personal Commitment: Because it takes extra time and effort to research, purchasing American made goods can be a challenge  The market is saturated with the majority of clothes being made overseas. Shopping consignment is the greatest redeemer as no matter the brand, you are buying from a local community at that stage in the life of the clothes. When buying new, make a personal commitment to look for American brands and read labels carefully. These choices, though small if made by all of us would make a real difference in bringing jobs and money back to our lovely country.

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