2013 Fall Coat Trends and How it Reflects Your Personality

Leather Coat Detail

Crackling leaves, light breezes, and chilly temperatures are all signs that fall is near. This autumn when you shuffle through your closet to unpack your seasonal clothing, consider trading out your previously worn threads for fashion forward trends.  Your clothes say a lot about who you are. See which current coat trends match your specific personality type, and prepare to purchase accordingly! 

Look for four major trends specific to outerwear this fall which emulate the four main personality temperaments perfectly.  Bright color represents the sanguine, heavy texture goes well with the melancholic, leather shows off the phlegmatic, and bold patterns are synonymous with the personality of the choleric.

Each trend will be amplified in size and intensity this season, which allows for a tremendous amount of freedom for your wardrobe. Don’t be afraid to experiment and stretch your personal fashion boundaries, as well as you natural dispositions.  

Trend 1: Bright Colors

Colorful Jacket at the LoftPlan on taking this summers colors into the cooler season and keeping spirits bright. Flashy hues are eye catching and powerful statements. Competing only with the colors on autumn trees, these deep colors are comforting and carry the fun of summer into autumn. To keep bright colors from fading turn garments inside out to wash and don’t sun dry.

For added dimension zippers and snaps with golden tones work as jewelry for the jacket, and accent deep colors nicely.

Colors show off the sanguine personality type, which is known to be pleasure-seeking and sociable. Fun and outgoing, this temperament fairs well to show off their personal style with outstanding punches of color. If you fit this profile, you won’t mind bright neons that gain you a little attention and lift the moods of those around you.

Trend 2: Heavy Texture

IMG_1003Heavy texture, when paired with a solid color, add a visual heaviness that coordinates with the focus of fall.  Jackets featuring a textured hand are typically thicker, warmer, and comforting to the touch. Texture provides the hint of the pattern, but from far away it dissipates to a solid, which gives a clean look.

When choosing a textured coat, a lighter color is best, as lint and dust stand out against darker fabrics and textures tend to collect small particles.

The texture trend fits the personality of a melancholic. As someone who is thoughtful and often finds themselves analyzing their surroundings, texture allows for engagement of more of the physical senses. The physical depth reflects the richness of this personality.

Trend 3: Leather

IMG_0994Leather is timeless, especially in neutral. Leather accented against other fabrics are extremely popular this fall. Contrasted stitching is a modernized way to approach leather, and is sure to find its way to the fall fashion scene.

Leather coats in a fitted cut are flattering and slimming. The cape cut is popular this season and allows forgiveness to any body type. It can offer a more masculine look.

Because leather is natural and classic, it embodies the idea of the phlegmatic temperament best. Relaxed and quite, it can be understated, reliable, and traditional. A coat in leather acts as a forever friend, especially if it fits well and compliments your skin tone. A person of this type will be just as consistent.

Trend 4: Pattern

IMG_1002Coats offer a canvas that is more forgiving than tight fitting pants or shirts. This makes a coat the perfect opportunity to showcase plaids, florals, and stripes. Using bold patterns comes across as powerful and at times intimidating. It takes a confidence to pull off these statement pieces.

People with a choleric personality have no problem showing off a strong pattern which mimics their straight forward demeanor. Cholerics are ambitious by nature and tend to be natural leaders.  If this sounds like you, don’t miss the opportunity to stand out among your peers and pave the way for new ideas and reinforcing them with your strong fashion choices.

Take the time to get to know yourself and the trends of the season to find the perfect coat to keep warm this fall. Whether you prefer the consistency of leather, or the statements of bold patterns, The Loft in Ames Iowa will have a good mix of products for you to explore!

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