Boots that Walk and Talk Style Guide 2013

The Loft Boots

Everyone has heard the song or at least the excerpt of the lyrics, “Those Boots are Made for Walking” by Nancy Sinatra. The lineup of boots this fall at The Loft will do more than just walk. They will talk, or even scream, “Look at me, I have great style”. What they won’t say is what an incredible deal you got on them purchasing consignment. Read on to see the styles that stand out this fall and the elements to look for to stay trendy this season.


1. Short and Sassy: Ankle high boots serve you well when the temps have not yet fallen below freezing. These boots are suitable for fall fashion and look great with a dress, but also serve as a mock boot that keeps the legs cool under a nice pant. This particular pair from the Loft collection is accented nicely with a bow back giving it a soft feminine flair.


2. Trusted Brands:  If you trust Coach to hold your most valuable possessions as a hand bag, then these high fashion snow boots are sure not to disappoint. With a thick lining your toes will stay warm and toasty. The tie and buckle accents are both cute and functional as they help secure the ankles in place in case you find yourself in a slippery situation.

Long and Lean The Loft

3. Long and Lean: There are few things as stunning as a woman making her entrance in a sleek, timeless, tall heeled, black boot. This style will do nothing but make your legs look long, lean, and as if they go on for days. The taper toe accentuates the lines as well alluding to precision and grace.


4. Noticeably Neutral: Warm and cozy, these brown beauties beacon your feet to be engulfed in comfort. This boot will pair nicely with any accent color your wardrobe has to offer. The simple wedge helps take the hard edge off of the design and offers a slight boost if you are on the short side.


5. Beautifully Buttoned: This black canvas designed boot is the alternative to the typical leather. Cute as a button, these tall boots are casual in design and pair well with a skinny blue jean.


6. Pull Yourself Up: Boot straps it is for this fuzzy pair. Four buckles line the ankle and top the foot adding a welcomed detail of industry against the soft background. They grey color is versatile and as flexible as the brown boot shown above.


7. Fit to be Tied: This cap toe black leather boot with lace ties goes just above ankle.  Elements of vintage are the statement of this boot which offers a complete one of a kind look. Fancy or free, this style can be utilized to dress up or down, either way you’ll be walking in style.

This is just a small sampling of the boots available at The Loft this fall. Our inventory changes daily as these great styles fly off the shelves, and new product comes in just as quickly. Don’t miss the pair made just for you, so come in often to shop the selection!

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