The Loft 2013 Holiday Gift Guide


Christmas is a joyous holiday meant for spending time with family and friends, and when you have the added element of gift giving it is even more rewarding. If you are like most people, sometimes you want to give more than you have, and here at the Loft we make it possible to give great gifts without breaking the bank. Read on to find wonderful gifts for all the guys and gals on your list.


At $8.00 a pair these sunglasses are a the perfect gift. They are small enough to use as stocking stuffers and  substantial enough to hold their own as a individual gift.


It’s “time” to save major cash this Christmas. The Loft has great mens watches that are stylish and serve a great practical purpose.


Ties are a classic gift for a reason. They are stylish, functional, and exciting to receive. Imagine these colorful ties packaged together in your favorite color combinations.


Leggings are wonderful wardrobe expanders. Turn your summer dresses into winter wear with a cardigan and these super warm leggings. Every lady will love these to see a few pairs under the tree this Christmas.


Mid rings make great stocking stuffers. These trendy finger ornaments will add to your holiday attire for a little extra sparkle. You could use as added package decor if you tie it into your ribbon.


Sparkle, shine, and shimmer catch the eye of ladies everywhere. The Loft has a great selection of new jewelry that are quality and diverse in style.  As you shop for others, you will be saving so much money you can add stunning jewelry to coordinate with your holiday formal wear as well!


This is the time of year for scarves. Priced at $12 each these items are a steal! Even if you have 20 scarves you can never have enough. This is a full proof gift that will keep you cozy after all the festivities subside.


The assortment of purses here at the Loft is as vast as it is unique. Complete the gift by finding coordinating jewelry and use the bag as your packaging. Come view the wall of purses soon as they are quickly changing out daily!

IMG_2226Holiday attire is plentiful and changing out constantly. Be the bell of the holiday ball arriving in a completely unique outfit. The Loft offers this dress and many other opportunities for stylish dress ware.

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