New Way to Access Consignor Information

2014 has a new way to access your information like inventory available, sold and account balance in real time.  You can also manage your personal information like email and address.

A few house keeping items for The Loft consignors.   If you are a Loft consignor and have a consignment account at Duck Worth Wearing, your Loft consignor number will now be the same as Duck Worth Wearing.  For example if your number was 49 at Duck Worth Wearing and 2500 at The Loft, you will now be 49 at both stores.

Loft consignors that do not have a Duck Worth Wearing consignment account will get a new number.  We added a 2 to the front of your current number.  For example if you were consignor 3025 at The Loft you are now 23025.   This change will allow us to bring you more advanced services in 2014, like more easily using your consignment money between the two stores and a one stop web site for both consignment accounts.

We ask existing consignors to contact Duck Worth Wearing ( or The Loft ( via email to get your account set up.  Please send us your name, address, email and consignor number if known so we can make sure your account is correct before we send you an invite.   If you are a consignor at both stores only one email is necessary to get the access set up.

New consignors will be automatically set up with account access.

Please follow these instructions to access your account.

You will receive an email that looks similar to the example below.  Currently The Loft and Duck Worth invite emails will look the same.  Future system enhancements will make the emails specific to each store.

Example of email for consignor access

You can distinguish what store the email is for by the web site referenced in the email.

Example of web site to access account. is Duck Worth Wearing is The Loft

Currently the login page for Duck Worth Wearing & The Loft look identical.  Check the URL to verify you are logging into the correct page.  We suggest you go to the store web site and click on “Check My Account” to access the correct login page.

Once you have logged in we suggest you change your password.  Clicking the Profile link in the upper right corner will give you the ability to change your password and other account information.  User Profile Screen

Staff at Duck Worth Wearing or The Loft do not have access to your password.  If you forget your password use the forgot password link on the login screen.

Once logged in, the home screen has Account Activity and Consigned Items.  When your item sells will see it instantly on your account.

Example of account activity

If you have any questions please contact us at Duck Worth Wearing or The Loft.

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