Winter Wear and the Art of Layering


As the winter draws on and the days are filled with snow, blowing wind, and grey skies, there is a need and desire to add function and fun to a drab winter wardrobe.

Go deep into the closet and get ready to transform your spring and summer attire into clothes that can be used all year long by mastering the art of layering.

Not only will you get more use out of your entire wardrobe, you will be able to take advantage of the bright spring and summer colors when we need them most. Read on to find out how.


Build your Foundation: When assembling your basic daily outfit choose a lighter weight top to begin the layering process. This will help diminish unnecessary bulk and build up of your layers. This is the perfect time to reuse your summer short sleeve or sleeveless blouses as your base layer. From there, add a thick sweater or cardigan with long sleeves. Finish the look by coordinating your jewelry to your lowest layer.


Another great look is established by starting with a long sleeve t-shirt or long pair of gloves that can fit beneath a bell arm or three quarter length sleeve sweater.  Thumb holes are trendy right now but work beautifully as a bottom layer as they do not easily hike up under new layers.


Play with Pattern: Balancing patterns and solids are key to making this element of layering a success. Be cautious not to overuse color. If you have a high patterned layer full of color, your solid layer should remain somewhat neutral. This will help your pattern to stand out. You can go with more pattern or texture either on the top or bottom layer, but choose only one to give the contrast necessary for a clean tailored look.


Leggings 2.0: Leggings are a trend that has become a timeless must have in every wardrobe. You can extend the seasonal life of dresses, skirts, and long blouses. And just when you thought they couldn’t get any better, we started to carry a new line that you have to feel to believe. We now stock at The Loft a line of fleece lined leggings that are as comfortable and they are addictive. Customers have been known to buy a pair in the AM, and come back by the afternoon to purchase a pair in every color!  They function as lined leggings but add virtually no bulk. This is a winter must have.


Slim the Bulk: If you are using slightly thicker layers to fight off the cold, there is a trick you can use to create a waistline and curves in the proper places. You can sport a thin to medium size belt over a sweater to cinch in the waist line and add texture and color.


Layering Accessories: Last, but certainly not least, scarves are the final topper for layer success. Available at The Loft in both loose end and infinity styles, this is a cozy option to keep you warm and stylish. As pictured above, a brightly colored scarf adds visual warmth to a neutral or dark jacket. The variety of textures and patterns help show off your unique personality!

IMG_3067Once you have successfully layered yourself in thick and comfortable textures, it will help to sharpen your look by adding metallics and bling. Feel free to layer these pieces over fitted long sleeve shirts for additional depth. Using leather or wrap bracelets, you can carry out the motif flawlessly.

We have all the available cuts, styles, and accessories you need to pull of your new look and extend the life of your existing wardrobe here at The Loft. Stop in soon, as we know you’ll be thrilled with all the high quality goods you get for very affordable prices!

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