Plan, Pack, and Play for Vacation

IMG_0413If you are one of the lucky ones planning on taking a trip this spring break, we’ve provided a comprehensive travel guide to help you prepare, pack, and play. This guide will assist in maximizing your budget and wardrobe versatility. Read on to learn efficient packing tips, find a printable checklist, and gain ideas for maximizing your clothing and accessory budget.

Packing tips


  • Don’t Overpack: Adding the extra weight to your baggage is not only detrimental to your back, but can cost you at the gates if flying. Check the weather where you are traveling and make a list of the amount of days you’ll be away. Pack one outfit per day, one extra pair of jeans and one sweater for emergency cold weather.
  • Roll your Clothes: To maximize space in the suitcase, especially if you clothes are casual in nature, rolling can save square footage in your bag. Place your shoes at the bottom of the bag to keep the soles separate from the clothes.
  • Toiletries: If flying, check ahead of time to find out the regulations for packing toiletries. You can save money by purchasing before your trip to avoid tourist market prices. Refer to our check list below for a comprehensive list of toiletry items.
  • Use Accessories: Pack scarves and jewelry to expand your wardrobe without adding more heavy fabric. Use plastic baggies to keep things organized and pack them between layers to avoid shifting.
  • Research Amenities: Call ahead to your destination to eliminate unnecessary items you might normally pack. A lot of hotels will provide toiletries and items such as hair dryers which can take up excess space.

Printable Check list

Packing Checklist The Loft

Packing Checklist The Loft – Download the PDF here.

Pre-trip Shopping 


If you are short on shorts, or other seasonal clothing, plan on stocking up for your trip at The Loft in Ames, Iowa. Browse our list below for some must have gear that you can get for incredible prices in stores today!


Scarves: These colorful beauties add so much personality and are take up very little space while packing. Extend the life of a plain white t-shirt by changing up a scarf accent.

Light Weight Men's shoes at the Loft Light Weight Women's shoes The Loft

Light Weight Shoes: Lighter shoes give you more options all around. When packing they are easy on your back, and as you walk around on your vacation you won’t be burdened by heavy kicks.

Dresses The LoftDresses: Dresses are huge space savers. You have a whole outfit without having to plan two separate pieces. It will take the guess work out of pairings as well as ensure you are always coordinating. Add a jacket to this stunning lace dress and you’ve a perfectly layered look for chilly temps.

IMG_3167 IMG_3160

Shades: To top off your spring break look at super low prices pick up multiple pairs of shades. At prices this low you won’t mind if you misplace a pair as a few back ups are completely affordable!

We have these items and so many more available right now at The Loft. Stretch your budget further with us and enjoy packing for this year’s spring break trip. We look forward to helping you get where you need to go in style!

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