Graduations, Weddings, and Spring Events Wardrobe and Gift Guide

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With the warm weather comes loads of events to attend. Weddings, graduations, showers, and birthdays are all possibilities and it’s important to know how to dress for the occasion and the perfect gifts to bring to each event.  The Loft has developed a guide to help you prepare, shop for, and provide style for your next big occasion!

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Wedding Formal: Watch your invitation for clues on what is appropriate for your wedding event. Common terms for a formal occasion weddings are white tie, black tie, and formal.

The Attire: This event will usually take place indoors if it is indeed formal. A spring and summer formal occasion can warrant as dressy as a tuxedo down to a nice suit. for the ladies, expect to dress in either a cocktail dress or longer gown. To help determine dress length, take your cues from the length of the bridesmaid dresses. The Loft carries an extensive line of formal dress wear on the second level, as well as shoes to match!

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The Gift: Couples preparing for their big day will most likely be heading off to a honey moon. The Loft carries plenty of summer bags perfect for packing with affordable flip flops, summer hats, and bright beach colored jewelry. Send the couple off in style with a pre-packed bag and ready to sail with them to their destination!

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Wedding Casual: The invitation will typically state, casual, dressy casual,  or semiformal.

The Attire: Though this category is a bit more broad, these weddings typically allow for dress pants and a casual button down for the fellas. The ladies should stay away from whites in honor of the bride. Women are safe to sport a summer dress, skirt and blouse, or dress slacks.


The Gift: A casual couple is sure to love most everything we offer at The Loft. A gift certificate to The Loft offers flexibility and will help the couple dress their best for their first year of dates. Put together a  date night package with a gift card to The Loft, movie tickets, and a gift certificate to a locally owned restaurant.

The Loft Gift Card

Graduations: Graduations are formal occasions or recognition for students and trainees alike. These events make comfort and style a priority because of the length of time as well as photo opportunities.

The Attire: There are no hard and fast rules for graduation attire, but there are things to consider such as comfort, overall formality, and pictures. Keep it bright, as this is a celebratory occasion. A darker solid can be flattering and avoiding high pattern will make for beautiful photographs!  Graduations can be packed with multiple supporting family and friends, so indoor temperatures may be a bit on the warm side. Dress in layers to easily adjust your personal temperature.


The Gift: Most of those graduating are moving on to new jobs or job interviews. The Loft carries a vast amount of work attire to help the young professional in your life. If you have their sizing, come in and we can help put together professional looking outfits to get their professional lives off to a strong start. Not sure of the size? A gift certificate is always a great option!


Wedding Shower: Depending on the formality of the upcoming wedding, as well as the theme of the shower, you should take dressing inspiration from both.

The Attire:  If you can’t determine from the invites the formality of the event you can always use the time of day to clarify. If you have a an early morning or later afternoon shower a casual summer dress is most always appropriate and will never leave you feeling underdressed. Dressing in some form of the wedding colors for a shower is a great way to pay homage to the upcoming event!


The Gift: The Loft has an extensive line of affordable jewelry including gorgeous statement pieces. If you know the wedding colors the prices are such that outfitting a bride’s wedding party would be a creative, affordable, and beautiful gift!


Baby Shower: These joyous events are usually casual in nature. Keeping it simple, comfortable, and focusing on the new arrival will make dressing for this occasion a breeze.


The Attire: Casual comfort is key. If you are lucky enough to attend a shower after the birth of the baby, soft textures and bright colors will help attract the babies developing eyes! Considering pictures that may be taken at the event choose flattering colors for your skin tone.

The Gift: For the perfect baby shower gift you must stop in to Duck Worth Wearing across the street from The Loft. Duck Worth Wearing carries consignment for kids making the most of your dollar. They also have awesome Moby wraps and brand new Melissa & Doug toys!


Birthday Bash: Birthday parties will range in theme and formality based on the time of day as well as the the guest of honor. A kid’s birthday party will almost always be informal, where a milestone birthday such as 30s, 40s, and beyond may be more formal!


The Attire: Perusal pay close attention to your invite. If the wording is formal or casual you will know what is expected of you as the guest. As a rule of thumb keep it bright if it’s during the day time, or go darker for evening affairs.  If there is costume or theme take advantage of the wide range of styles at The Loft to pull off your unique look.


The Gift: Accessories make perfect gifts for both men and women. The Loft carries affordable sunglasses, jewelry, and scarves.  These items are gifts enough in themselves, but can be added to the exterior of a package to give it the sparkle needed to stand out among the other presents.

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