Show Your Stripes This Fourth of July – How to Introduce Red, White, and Blue into your Wardrobe

IMG_3365With the Fourth of July quickly approaching, it’s time to start incorporating red, white, and blue into your wardrobe! The patriotic theme is always in style, but can be reinvented to show your original personality.  How do you dress patriotically without the cheese factor? Here are a couple of helpful tips that will get you and your wardrobe ready for this year’s fourth of July season.

Since summer has finally arrived, now is the time to start adding color to your attire. Purchasing clothing that is a little more bold in color can be scary for some.  By reading our guide below you will learn what to pair together for a successful Fourth of July outfit. Start by building a solid base with a couple of basic items. These could include a pair of fitted jeans, a white t-shirt, and generally neutral palette. From there we will add fun patriotic accents for a classy American look.

IMG_3357The flag scarf is an obvious patriotic statement piece, and is well suited this season when paired with a more neutral outfit. These scarves are a steal priced at only $12 each.

IMG_3367Keeping in line with accessories, adding this purse to your 4th of July outfit is a subtle way to introduce red. This red purse allows the opportunity to include white and blue in your base outfit as well as other accessories.

White dress with Red cartigan

Layering a red cardigan over a classic white dress will make you look stylish and festive, without it being patriotic overkill.

IMG_3372Working in the reverse, this outfit is based on the red, white, and blue scheme by accenting with neutrals. When choosing bold colors for your base, a neutral scarf helps to create balance and relieves the eye from color overload!


This bold dress is strong enough to stand alone.  When paired with this summer sun hat, it gives this tie-dye dress a more sophisticated and patriotic look.



Add this blue statement necklace to any white or neutral outfit to introduce color and interest.  This piece would play well with the red purse pictured above.


This red chevron scarf is a new twist on the old stars and stripe motif. This piece will outlive it’s holiday use and be a great addition to your summer wardrobe.

We are proud to be American and what better way to show that then shopping at your local stores! If you shop at The Loft you are sure to get great deals on all of the pieces that you need to create the patriotic style you desire!

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