How to Build Creative Halloween Costumes Using Items Found on Consignment

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You’ve just been invited to a Halloween party and you are on a shoe string budget. Give these easy to assemble costumes a try. We have all you need at The Loft to pull off these five great costume ideas! Read on for inspiration and to see costumes assembled using only items found at The Loft in Ames, Iowa!

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We Give it a 10: These costumes are fun and easy to coordinate with friends or spouses. Find clothes that are in theme within a specific decade, and complete your look with bold and exaggerated jewelry!

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Night Fright: Vampires are the focus of many popular TV shows and movies making it a contemporary take on a classic halloween character. Simply pair a stunning red or black dress with intense gothic style jewelry. Spice it up with some vampire fangs and fake blood and you’ll be all set for your upcoming Halloween party!

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Inspiration from Above: Show your inner Goddess with this stunning and festive Halloween costume! White clothing and gold jewelry are essential in building this outfit. Add a flashy gold headband to pull off this heavenly look!

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The Original Hipster: The hippie look is making an appearance in everyday fashion. It’s all about natural beauty and expressing your unique self. Yellow, orange, teal, and white are colors to look for when creating your hippie costume. The look is complete with brightly colored and floral accessories.

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Wild Rider: Biker chick costumes are fun and spunky. You can’t go wrong with leather boots, pants, and a sleek jacket! A dark shade will give you a serious edge when pulling off this costume.

All the costumes above were created using original clothes and accessories at The Loft in downtown Ames. Come check it out for yourself to create your budget friendly one of a kind Halloween costume!


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