Clearing the Clutter – The Art of Organizing and Refreshing your Closets for Cash


The new year is the ideal time to shed the past and put on the future. Closets are a practical place to start to purge items you no longer need to make room for future endeavors. Not sure what to do with all your name brand gently used items? You could stash some cash using consignment for your threads and make 2015 the best year yet! This month’s blog will help you organize your clothes closet, big or small, to make room for your upcoming fashion finds and trends for the year.

 The Motivation:  2015 has a lot in store for stunning fashion trends. Take note of these exciting highlights as you comb through your current closet situation and dream of the possibilities. Don’t stay stuck in the past or tied to your closet in a way that doesn’t allow for progression! Check out these three thrilling fun fashion trends coming in 2015.


Trend 1:Bride inspired lace is classic and timeless. This delicate fashion can come as a nice lining, pleated skirt, or neutral top with lace texture.


Trend 2: Bold Bohemian styles welcome strong geometrics paired with exotic patterns. This look is playful and simultaneously universal. Go for color and contrast and don’t play it safe with this trend.


Trend 3: Tangerine, teal & rose. These colors of the season have a bold undertone but play nicely to create a smoothly stunning statement. Use these colors to create a harmonious outfit that shows you are on top of style this season.

The Plan:

IMG_4161Clear the Clutter: If this is an all too familiar scene at the bottom of your closet, get yourself in gear and set aside the time to take matters into your own hands. This time will not be wasted as gently used name brand items can put cash in your pocket when you consign with The Loft. Check out what is accepted this time of year. 


Turn Things Around: Turn around all your hangers and when you remove a garment to wear it, turn it the correct way. After 6 months to a year, you’ll be able to tell what you don’t wear and you can ask yourself the not so hard question of, do I really need this?!

Ask yourself – If I saw it in a store today… would I buy it?

IMG_4167ROYGBIV: This color coding looks stunning, but it doesn’t stay that way for long. Simplify the plan by starting with your colors all together,  then go neutral. It’s more common to build your outfit from the base. Depending on your skirt or pant, you most likely will need a pop of color or to keep it neutral, so simply divide your tops into two easy sections.

IMG_4156Stack: Shelves always help create clean and efficient eye height storage. Adding this shelf rack helps store things like tights and socks that are otherwise only suited for a drawer.


Clip it and forget it: Use these inexpensive clips to hook on to your clothing rod. Fish a scarf through or belt and tada, beautifully organized, easily accessible accessories.


The Result:  You will put cash in your pocket, and have a lighter load! Now you can treat yourself to updated trends! Bring your goods to The Loft in Downtown Ames Iowa to get cash for clothes, bags, and shoes and shop name brands at crazy affordable prices.

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