Decades of Inspiration Turning Old Ideas into New Fashions


The beginning of the new year presents change and the opportunity to try new things.  This makes it the ideal time to reinvent yourself through your wardrobe.  Incorporating fashion trends from different decades is a fun way to add new pieces to your wardrobe and re-inspire your current clothes collection. Read on to be inspired!

1920’s, 1930’s, and 1940’s:


The 1920’s through the 1940’s are marked by their outstanding accessories. Girls from these decades would often sport thick and stylish headbands, brightly colored hats, and bold statement necklaces. Bring the texture and boldness from these decades into the present by including some of the items pictured into your wardrobe.   You can achieve an updated look that incorporates these flawlessly flashy decades with color, pattern, and texture.



The 1950’s was a very unique decade in terms of fashion. Cardigans are simple, comfortable, and timeless which it made it the perfect fit for this classically clean decade. Adding flare to a traditional cardigan can bring this 50’s classic into a current trend. Pearls were a staple in every woman’s jewelry box in the 1950’s, and they dress up almost any outfit.



Bring on the prep from the 1980’s! Sport a collared shirt under a wool sweater for a cute and more modernize 80’s style. Wearing a simple necklace will help formalize this outfit. Young women during this time would wind various necklaces together. Adding layered necklaces to your favorite outfits is a good way to embody this decade’s variety in a sophisticated way.

Be sure to stop by The Loft in downtown Ames to check out all of these fashion trends and use the tips above to shop our extensive accessory line.

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