Five Fashion Apps You Can’t Live Without


The beauty of the 21st century is all of the technological advances this era affords us. Why not take advantage of these helpful apps, social media sites, and computer aided gadgets to help you dress your best! Read on to discover fresh apps, our social media sites aimed to showcase trending styles and allow the most up to date access to specials and deals at The Loft in Ames, Iowa.

Top 5 Fashion Apps & Their Finest Features

Style and ColorColor and Style: Need help determining your best colors? After answering a few simple questions about your hair, eye, and skin colors this app generates a palette of colors completely custom to you! This fashion handy app is aimed at both genders. This helps you shop more efficiently, match clothing you already own, and boosts your confidence! 

Tie Site

TieSight: Every male knows the moment. You are dressing up for all of those summer weddings and blankly staring into the mirror at your neck tie with a confused grin. Not any more! TieSight allows you to use the camera on your computer to tie your tie. This App features 11 styles of knots.

Dress Assistant

Dress Assistant: This is one of the pricier apps listed here, but if you are an obsessive organizer than this is the best we have to offer. This application allows you to catalog your entire wardrobe on your Mac and put outfits together before you spend time dressing and undressing. You can pre-assemble your favorite outfits and mix and match at the drag and click of your mouse.

What Did I wear

What Did I Wear: You may lack creative genius and find yourself in a fashion rut by repeating your favorite t-shirt and jeans day after day. This app makes you aware by taking pictures daily to make sure you mix it up every once in a while. Perhaps you have client meetings and don’t want to repeat your favorite dress up attire. This app will catalog by tags and dates to make sure you don’t make those embarrassing mistakes.


StyleJury: Be prepared to be humbled. You’ll feel like you are on an episode of What Not to Wear minus the free shopping spree. You can get private feedback from your besties or go public to open the flood gates of opinions. All said and done, you’ll have honest feedback and make better style decisions long term.

Access to Current Trends and Sales at The Loft

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