Five Ways to Cinch up your Style with Belts


Accessories are a great way to change up an outfit. Perhaps one of the most critical accessories that does all the work with little to no attention is the belt. Now it is time for this under recognized item to shine! We have have  at least five easy ways to use and think about belts as fashion statements.  Read on to find out more!


  • Function First: Let’s be honest. If we are talking function, sometimes you just need your pants to stay up and the belt is the best way man has come up with to do the job. In this case a medium width is strong enough to keep things in place. Change up the style with a bright color or contrasting texture.


  • Waist Cincher: Any size of belt works by giving definition to the waist line.  Place the belt at the smallest part of your waist with a dress, cardigan, or romper. To give a casual look an update, just belt an oversized standard T- shirt!


  • Unique Tie: Not all belts are created equal. A simple piece of string can add a little definition, especially if your belt doesn’t need to function for its original purpose.
  • Any Time of the Year: Scarves have a seasonal association. Belts are a great accessory because you can wear them no matter the season. Winter, spring, summer fall – keep your belts accessible all year long!


  • Repurpose a Scarf: Speaking of scarves, consider using a scarf as a belt, especially if light weight.

Here are a couple more inspiration pictures from The Loft in Ames Iowa to show you how we applied our belts to different outfits to give them a fun flare. Stop in soon to grab a few belts and maybe a dress or two to try them out with! At our prices you can afford to have it all!

IMG_7701 IMG_7702

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