All Tied up – A Guide to Men’s Ties


It’s in all the movies. The big moment arrives. The first dance, graduation day, or perhaps a wedding. In most of these scenes some outside person, a dad, mom or best friend seems to effortlessly twist, turn, and style the once lifeless fabric strip into a sophisticated knot, completing the right of passage for this young man. It’s either that or a clip on. We know you are tempted by the clip, but hang in there and let us show you a few simple knots that will help you rival your hollywood counterparts and join the ranks of the finest dressed men around. Read on to learn more about types of knots and when to use them.


Half Windsor: As the name states, this is a simpler version of its brother, the full Windsor.

When to use: Use this style for a wider necktie. This style is great if you are a novice and want to build confidence in a  good classic knot that uses less material than the full Windsor.


Windsor: This is also sometimes called a full Windsor. A tie used for this knot should be slightly longer to accommodate its larger size.

When to use: Use for a classic look and when you are a tie novice. It is symmetrical and loosens easily.

Steps: Slide3Pratt: Only slightly thinner than the Windsor this knot. It is also sometimes referred to as the Shelby Knot. It is respected still as elegant and professional.

When to use: It is a professional looking knot as it gained its fame from debuting on a famous anchor man. You could use for any formal situation

Steps: Slide1

This basic skill will save you time and embarrassment. Another embarrassing action you want to avoid is paying too much for your ties and dress-ware. The Loft in Downtown Ames provides you with a myriad of amazing styles at affordable prices. Come check us out sooner than later!

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