Store More – Clothing Storage for Small Spaces


Different seasons in life call for new and sometimes small living arrangements. Leaving your spacious closet at home for a dorm room, or moving to a big city, can mean limited living quarters.  Space may be tight, but your work and social life may demand multiple outfits and accessories.  We have creative solutions to store more in small spaces. Make room for all of your clothes, jewelry, shoes, belts and scarves with these helpful solutions!


Scarves: Add a ton of scarves to your wardrobe. It may seem contradictory to add to your closet when you are limited on storage, but scarves go a long way. You can use in a traditional sense, change out a handle on a bag, tie to a bag, wrap around your waist, this list goes on and on. These inexpensive often bright accessories are great additions that won’t be closet hogs. Check out this hanger equip to hold your entire collection. 702-scarf-holder



Belts: Belts are functional and offer loads of opportunity for statement. When low on storage, make sure you have your staple brown and black leather belt, and limit yourself to what may fit on this fashionably functional belt hanger pictured below.


Pants & Jeans: You only need a few pairs of tried and true trousers. Be honest with yourself about what is fit and flatters and everything else must go! For the items worth keeping around, use this organizational rack hanger to keep pants tamed and wrinkle free. specialty-multi-slack-hanger-walnut-chrome


Jewelry: Jewelry is an item you simply will never exhaust it’s usefulness in adding beauty and charm to your wardrobe. You can dress up every outfit with a few simple stunning accessories. They can spill over into your life, but keep them organized in this easy to use pocket hanger. LittleBlackDress_x


Shoes: Who doesn’t love a closet full of great kicks. When it comes to shoes, they can be a huge space hog. Cubbies are great options. When the cubbies are full make sure to trade out your old shoes when you purchase new. Put paper towel rolls in boots to keep them upright and tidy.

For more closet organization tips check out a blog from our archives. Clearing the Clutter – The Art of Reorganization to Create Cash. 


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