Fashion A-Z Brought to you By The Loft


In honor of back to school, we want to teach you a little something about fashion! This crash course in fashion, terminology and clothing style will help inform your decisions when choosing your threads!


A – Asymmetric Styling:  Each side of an item of apparel is different in structure than the other side. Asymmetry adds interest and dimension to an otherwise simple design.

B – Bishop Sleeve: This is a  sleeve style with free flowing fabric arms gathered into a tightly fitting cuff.

C – Cap Sleeve: Defined as a sleeve covering a short span from the shoulder and tapering to an exposed under arm.

D – Dart: A special cut in a women’s garment that helps to fit the figures form more closely.


E – Empire Waist: This is when the waist line hits above what is normal. It hides a larger midsection, while emphasizing the bust. It gives the illusion of longer legs.

F – Flock Printing: A printing process in which short fibers are applied to an adhesive-coated surface. This adds a velvety texture to the surface and is commonly used on t-shirts.

G – Gaiter: Protective clothing for a person’s ankles. It can be like a leg warmer and fashioned out of leather.


H – Herringbone: Also referred to as chevron, herringbone has come back in a big way in recent years.


I – Ikat Pattern: With its origins in Malaysia as a form of tie die, this pattern is historic in nature and popular in modern times. Bringing this pattern in on accessories is exceptionally stunning.


J – Jacquard: This weave is found in brocades, tapestries, and damasks. The pattern is usually shown on each side but in reversed colors.


K – Kimono: This style of garment brought into modern fashion dresses and shirts has large blouse arms and a cinched waist.

L – Loafer Shoe: This style of shoe is not just for gramps. It’s comfortable and great for men’s fashion.

M – Maxi Skirt:
This floor length skirt gives you good height if you are already tall. It’s great for fall to help keep those legs covered on a cool morning and free flowing and cool as the afternoon heats up.

N – Newsboy Hat: This hat will cap off a totally vintage look. Worn by newspaper boys in the late 18th early 19th centuries, this cap is traditionally stylish.


O – Oxford Shoe: If you want to stay old school, keep it going with a clean and crisp Oxford shoe. This is a type of leather shoe with a low heal and lace up top.

P – Palazzo Pants: Comfort is key with these loose fitting cotton pants. They traditionally flare out from the hip and keep that line to the floor. These pants almost resemble a skirt because of the excess material.


Q – Quilted Fabric: It doesn’t have to be patchwork to be considered a quilt. A fitted quilted fabric coat adds warmth without the bulk.


R – Ruched: Similar to a ruffle, gathered fabric to create fullness and volume.

S – Sabrina Neckline: Given it’s name from the Audrey Hepburn movie “Sabrina” this is similar to the bateau. It is a neckline that follows the line of the shoulders.

T – Tabard: Inspired from the medieval times, but now morphed into a woman’s sleeveless outer garment often with side slits.


U – Utility Jacket: These jackets come in a big variety of colors and overall style, but the one thing they have in common are tons of useful pockets.

V – Velour: A knitted fabric or textile. It can be made from cotton or  synthetic materials such as polyester.


W – Wristlet: A small purse or wallet hanging from a band that can fit easily around the wrist. This is a practical and easy way to carry your essentials without hauling around a large bag.


X – X-Ray Fabrics: A piece of clothing made with lace, mesh or transparent material, that allows the wearer’s body or undergarments to be seen through its fabric.

Y – Yoke Waist: Portion of a skirt right below the waist, from which the primary piece of material hangs in folds.

Z – Zoot Suit: This is a man’s suit of an exaggerated style, characterized by a long loose jacket with padded shoulders and high-waisted tapering trousers, and associated with groups of men in the 40s.

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