10 Fashion Forward Ways to Wear Black


Timeless, elegant, mysterious, versatile, and flattering. These are all qualities that black brings to fashion. Black is the easiest to coordinate, very forgiving in form, and without a doubt the best color for hiding stains. It’s really not hard to find a reason to love black, but we wanted to highlight a few fashion forward ways to incorporate this multi-faceted color into your wardrobe.

Dress up your casual ware with black: Check out this casual zip up hoodie with contrasting white zipper that has a surprising sophistication. The cowl neck and longer line could be paired with a dark skinny jean for a sleek comfortable look.

Beautiful Background Color: The jewel decorated belt stands out completely against it’s contrasting backdrop. When you opt for black, you have the opportunity of allowing your statement jewelry and accessories to boldly stand out.


Keep it Classy: Having a staple pencil skirt or pant in a classic tweed and in black has double the class. Dark colors on bottom are flattering and this wardrobe piece will go the distance as it easily matches most any blouse.


Black and Gold Bold: When you dress your neck with a stunning statement piece from The Loft, pick black and gold. Bold and brass = class.

IMG_9449Trends last Longer: Long Sweaters are in trend this season and what better way to keep it around long after the trend has passed, then by purchasing it in black. It will hang timelessly in your closet as one of your favorites.


Texture Stands Out: This small wallet is understated in black, but with the added texture you can see it best since it is printed on a this semigloss black fabric, giving it an edge.


Pops of Gloss: Texture strikes again in favor of this long button down sweater jacket. The cotton fabric serves as a matte background behind the oversized glossy buttons. This jacket is slimming in all the right places and draws attention vertically.


Top it Off: A classic black hat is versatile enough to accessorize with a number of different outfits. It offers a quick and surefire solution to a bad hair day.


Stylish Warmth: A good pair of leggings stretches a summer dress far beyond its season. In black, you’ll be able to coordinate with a ton of warmer season choices and stay warm and cozy. These are available at The Loft!


Little Black Dress: This one isn’t new, but our list wouldn’t be complete without mention of a classic black dress. If you don’t have one yet, come to The Loft today to browse our selection. Find one with a sweetheart neckline and layer to take it through the holiday season


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