Holiday Hosting – Throwing the Perfect Party for Less


The holidays offer plenty of reason to gather together to celebrate the bounty from the year’s culmination. Sometimes your bounty does not fall into the category of overflowing, but you’d still like to throw a party to remember long into 2016. We have ideas that will make throwing your next holiday party easy and fun and completely possible on a tight budget!

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 11.17.16 AM

Food: Everyone knows that a good party can hinge on the tasty food supplied by a generous host. If you want to avoid a high food bill, get the best of the season, and turn it into a game. Ask your guests to bring their “potentially prize winning appetizers” and watch the competitive nature of people take the food to the next level. People love to contribute and this is an easy way to get everyone involved.


Atmosphere: Decorations set the tone for the evening and they don’t have to cost a lot. The best decorations make your guests go, “Cool, woah, what?!” If you can repurpose items into fine decor, you’ll explode the minds of your guests and for mere dollars, if not for free. The most important thing is to pick a color scheme and then collect objects around the home or shopping consignment that fit the theme.

IMG_5178Use  jewelry to dress up an existing vase to create a glimmering centerpiece.










ScarvesScarves make perfect table runners or chair tie decor.






Reuse cans and boxes from the kitchen to create one of a kind decorations.

IMG_5179A toothpick and pretty paper go a long way for signs, photo booths, and food labels.

A set of white lights can be purchased for just a few dollars and light up a room or stairway.

Shop for decorations at the end of the season and save them for next year!


Attire: Here is where you want to definitely check out consignment. If it is your own party you can set a theme and plan accordingly. From formal to casual Christmas wear, we’ve literally got you covered. Here are a few pieces in store today to check out!



IMG_5137 IMG_5139

Games: If you are inviting friends over who may not know each other, a few games or activities can help break the ice without breaking the bank.

  • IMG_5170White Elephant Repurpose style: These rules will need to be communicated on the invitation. Ask people to find something they no longer want in their homes and turn it into something new and useful. Bring the gifts to the party and watch the fun unfold as you steal and trade for the best repurposed gifts.
  • IMG_5183 Candy Canes – Grab a deck of cards and play the good old fashion “spoons” but with candy canes.




  • Ornament guessing game – If your tree is already set up for the season, then have your guests guess the amount of ornaments on the tree for a prize. Check out a few gems that are worth picking up at The Loft. Your guests will surely be motivated by these amazing affordable prizes.

If you are planning on attending a party it can be nice to offer a hostess gift. Check out the line we carry at The Loft – Jenuinely Pure lip balm can be tied to any gift package and is only $3.25/piece.


Remember the most important focus of your event is the guest, and creating a party that will give them a relaxing and fun experience!

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