5 Essential Pieces for Layering

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Sometimes in a cold midwestern winter, layering consists of half your closet all worn on one occasion for pure survival. We opt for a more stylish approach! We’ve narrowed down five essential pieces you need to keep in your closet for stunning layering this winter season. All of these essentials are available in great quality and affordable prices right now at The Loft in Ames, Iowa on Main Street. We’ve also got a picture gallery ready below to inspire sophisticated layering!



Large Scarves: A long scarf in a bold color can be a spunky way to add versatility to any outfit. These warm accessories can be shown off around the neck as a statement piece or can simply wrap around you as a comfy shawl. The are so affordable at The Loft, you can go ahead and get one for every day of the week.


Henley: This style of shirt is great casual wear for men or women. It’s perfect for sporting with scarves, jackets, and other layering essentials. It’s traditionally thinner but long sleeved for a solid base layer.



Sweatshirts and Cardigans: For the ultimate warmth, a thin sweatshirt or cardigan over, you guessed it, another sweater is the secret to a toasty winter. This also gives you the option to remove one layer but your arms remain covered.



The Classic Sweater with a Bold Twist: You don’t have to go solid when sporting a sweater. There are so many options, as you can see lining our walls, that you should experiment with bright colors and patterns. Keep your lower half simple and solid when trying new patterns up top. The gray winter days could use some more color.



Polos and Button Downs: These items are wonderful choices to add a little professional flair to your outfit. A button down under a sweater with a blazer on top makes for a great business casual look.


Bonus Idea!!!

Don’t forget the accessories! Layering a couple sizes or lengths of necklaces is a nice finishing touch to break up your cozy layers.

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2 Responses to 5 Essential Pieces for Layering

  1. Great tips! I love to pair button down shirts with statement necklaces.


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