Hayden & Park The Loft Product Feature


Here at The Loft we love to support local creators and businesses. We have recently started to carry a line of handmade knit and crochet items for children and adults, by Hayden & Park.  We had the honor of interviewing the woman behind this creative and adorable endeavor, Kendra Watson. Here is what we learned about the history behind this growing line of products.

Q: Why did you start the business?

Kendra: I love the pure joy of creating items for children and adults to wear. I made my first items when we expecting our first child. I only started to sell my crocheted creations when my friends suggested they wanted to purchase them. With two kids and a full time job, it has become a fun way to make things and earn a some extra money for the family.



Q: What is the first item you ever made?

K: I am self taught in both crocheting and knitting. I started with the headbands and then expanded my horizons from there once I was comfortable. Crocheting is still my favorite because it’s faster.

Kendra has goals in the future to knit some clothing items to add to her selections.


Q: What is your favorite thing to make?

K: I love making headbands because they are adorable and I can make them in a higher quantity to fill demand. Baby headbands will always hold a special spot for me as it’s what got the whole thing started.



Q: How do you brand yourself and how did you end up in The Loft & Duck Worth Wearing?

K: It all started with an Etsy store. I have been a consigning customer at Duck Worth Wearing in the past. One day I had a headband with me, showed it to the store owner, and they agreed to sell in the store.

Winter Headbands

Q: What is her most popular product?

K: Definitely the Iowa State Cyclone headbands!

Q: How do you hope to expand the line in the future?

K: Right now I’m working on some adorable Easter items, including a cap with bunny ears and some flower headbands for spring. I also would love to make more items geared toward boys coming up in the fall.

You can follow Kendra’s creativity on Instagram @haydenandpark and tag your favorites. Come into the store to pick up her products today!

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