Spring into the Trends of the Season with Timeless Natural Inspiration

Nothing will make you feel more alive than the first day of spring after a long cold winter. The temperatures are reaching above fifty and bits of green are emerging from the once brown earth. We took a short walk and within minutes we found five spring trends that are truly inspired by the new life and remarkable colors of the season. Visit us at The Loft to incorporate these exciting spring trends into your wardrobe!

Jewel tones found in the most stunning blooms…


…inspired our trend of selecting jewelry and accessories this season with bold tones. A dash of color in your jewels will give just the right amount of pop against your subtle lightly colored spring wardrobe. IMG_5376

Bright and Airy essence found in an Iowa Tree-line


…inspired our delicate and wispy set of pearls. Incorporate strings of pearls on your wrist or on a statement necklace paired with a button down shirt to soften this fresh spring trend.


Gold leaves left from seasons past


…inspired a warm gold pallet for a complete jewelry set. These gold tones transition easily from the previous season trend and give hints of sunshine and sparkle. We’ve got more than enough pieces at The Loft to complete a partial set or start a new one. Take them all home with these affordable prices!


Fresh florals popping up all over

Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 10.54.53 PM

…inspired bringing in floral prints on accessories and blouses, though not simultaneously. Pick colors that catch your eye as they are sure to remind people of all of the life springing up around them. A new handbag will also fair well with a fine floral pattern.


Consistent Neutrals anchoring the accents...


…inspired the idea to create a strong and solid base for your colorful accessories. You don’t want to overwhelm your outfits. Just like in nature, a field of wild flowers is balanced by the greens, blues, and surrounding browns and neutrals.


We hope you are as inspired as we are by the beauty in nature and what it can do to transform a winter wardrobe as we transition to warmer and more colorful days ahead. Stop in to The Loft for a little spring shopping to pick your pieces inspired by spring!

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2 Responses to Spring into the Trends of the Season with Timeless Natural Inspiration

  1. jennicocoa says:

    Love this, and keep blogging girl! 💖

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