Lace Inspired – A Modern Trend for a Timeless Reminder


Mother’s day is not quite enough – we think they deserve a month! We want to encourage you to take a moment this month to ponder and appreciate everything your mother does. We have a poem to inspire both gratitude for your mom and inspiration for your wardrobe.

Victorian Lace on Mother’s Day

Let’s take a journey back in time
To centuries long ago
When everything was beautiful
And gentle streams did flow.

Where happy children graced the halls
In mansions on a hill
Where charm and grace did set the pace
In memories, lingering still.

A time when ladies met for tea
At tables set for two
Southern belles with things to tell
In misty morning hue.

Corsets here and bustles there
Such lovely flowing dresses
A touch of eloquence was found
Beneath those lovely tresses.

All dressed up in fringe and lace
With gowns of flowing white
They held their children close to them
And tucked them in at night.

With locks of hair pulled up in buns
And topped with pretty bonnet
The legend that was left behind
Sounds nearly like a sonnet.

The century now has turned the tide
They since have gone away
And other mothers fill the earth
To brighten Mother’s Day.

Through the passing years in time
One thing will stay the same
The precious love of mother
Her name will always remain.

For all the ladies gone before
I pray for heaven’s grace
To all the mothers here today
I wish you frills and lace.

This poem was written by Marilyn Ferguson @2003

You can find more of her work on her website.

We’ve come up with a few creative ways to incorporate lace into your wardrobe without it looking like your mother’s lace curtains or old doilies. When you wear this fashion trend around you’ll be reminded of the beauty of your mother’s love!

This stylish lace vest is a wonderful overlay that allows a bold background color to pop through and show off this stunning floral.

Lace Vest

An all lace dress carries a classic summer, country look. All you are missing is your favorite pair of boots, but you can be sure to find those too at The Loft, in Ames Iowa.

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 12.23.25 AM

Lace does not always have to be physically textural. It also shows up in fashion as a printed pattern and looks just as delicate.

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 12.27.16 AM

A lace scarf will add dimension and character to a plain t-shirt and pair of jeans, brining your outfit from unremarkable to unforgettable.


Not bold enough to wear lace on top? Try it out on your shoes!

Lace Shoes

Don’t forget about our unique accessories! You can wear lace inspired jewelry to both compliment and complete your outfit.

Lace Ring

All of these items are available at The Loft so stop in soon to see these and other amazing deals on clothes, accessories, shoes, and more. Happy shopping!

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