Make your Favorite Kicks go the Distance


Once you find that special pair of shoes, that look great, go with every outfit, and fit like a dream, you will want them to last forever. Shoes may be the hardest working accessory we own, so don’t be afraid to give them a little extra TLC to get them to go the distance.

We have some major money saving tips for how to clean and organize your shoes so they keep that new shoe appearance they had in the store that caught your eye in the first place!


Leather. Leather is a pretty common shoe material, and known to come at a cost. protecting them long term is a great investment! Use a soft, damp cloth to clean. If you want your shoes to return to their high gloss appearance, use a “patent leather cleaner” that contains silicone. If you want to remove some dirt and smudges, try a rubber eraser.


Suede. Suede is starting to make its come back! It is important to use a waterproofing spray to avoid showing water spots. If you happen to get mud on them, let it dry, and take a brush to it the next day.


How to Clean Your Tennis Shoes. If you want to clean the laces, you can place them in a lingerie bag in the wash so they don’t get tangled with your clothes. By placing your shoes in a container with baking soda, it will help to eliminate those nasty odors. Using “Mr. Clean” is also another way to get almost anything off, but beware of bleach as it may discolor.

Storage. Let’s be honest, there is no easy way to store shoes. They usually end up in a pile by the back door and you can always find one, but not the other. The key is to keep it simple so it’s an easy experience to put them away. Wine boxes create cubby holes that will useful in keeping the pairs together. You could create corner shelves in your garage if you are short on floor space. If you are super proud of your shoes and have the space, you could put them on shelves and display like works of art.

Wear. Some people have too many shoes to count, but never know how to wear them. You could pair your ankle boots with a dress or skirt. Ballet flats can be worn with a delicate dress or with jeans and a leather jacket for a different look. Sperry or boat shoes go great with old jean shorts and a simple, V-neck T-shirt. Then the classic Cowboy boot can be matched with dresses, jeans, skirts, or jean shorts! The options are endless.

We put our shoes through a lot on a daily basis. Think of all the places you have been and everywhere you may have walked. Try to make your favorite pair last for awhile longer so you can keep on doing what you do and looking great doing it.



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