The Loft Holiday Gift Guide 2016


The holidays can be the busiest and most stressful time of the year. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was a place you could go with varied, one of a kind inventory at great prices for all the people on your list? We’ve got great news. The Loft is that place and we have so many great gifts for your friends and family!

Here are a few ideas and items available in store to help you check some names off of your shopping list.


Bags and Purses. It’s all in the bag with this thoughtful gift. Perhaps a Coach purse would make someone’s Christmas extra special but you don’t have the cash to pull it off. At the Loft, chances are good you’ll find a beautiful hand bag at a fraction of the cost.

Athletic Gear. Holidays are the easiest time of year to gain a few pounds from all those delicious sweets! The festivities will unfortunately come to an end, but new years resolutions are close around the corner. Think ahead and give the active ones on your list gear to keep them on the go.

Work & Play Accessories. Keep the lady on your list looking lovely. With the prices we offer you could easily get a full set of coordinated jewelry or create an entire outfit with matching shoes.

Creatures of Comfort. Sweaters, hats, scarves, and shoes. No one has ever gotten upset when opening cozy, beautiful, and warm accessories. We carry brand new inventory and some gently used items that fit this category. Stuff a box full of all the softest items you can find without breaking the bank!


A Touch of Pampering. Try the organic line lip balm we carry in store. These make for fantastic stocking stuffers!

Don’t forget your Fella. Take a walk upstairs and you’ll be greeted by racks and shelves of gear for guys. Sunglasses, shoes, ties, hats, and clothes are ready for you to discover the perfect gift.

We are happy to help any of our shoppers find the perfect holiday gifts. We are confident a stop in will help you check a few people off your list, and you won’t have to feel guilty for finding a few items for yourself at our great prices. Happy shopping and happy Holidays from The Loft!

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