The Guide to Care For Clothes


Nobody likes to throw money in the trash. At The Loft we’ve got two great ideas to save you cash. The first is to buy gently used quality clothes through our consignment store. The second is to take care of the clothes you have so you can make money consigning later.    Keep reading to discover our best ideas to make your favorite pieces go the distance.


Delicate Fabrics. Hand wash items that are too delicate for the washer. Once they have been washed, do not hang on a hanger to dry. It is best to just lay it flat on a towel to avoid over stretching.

Jeans. Hang denim to dry because sometimes the dryer can cause shrinkage of the fibers. The dryer might also cause early fading. For all you bling lovers, it would be wise to turn your jeans inside out to wash them so your jewels don’t fall off.


Sequins. Use a gentle washing powder and add to warm water. Gently move your shirt around in the water to wash and make sure the powder covers the garment and fully dissolves. Finally, gently rinse your shirt in cold water and lay flat to dry.


Blazers. Typically blazers are worn for special occasions. They aren’t always cheap, and when you find one that fits right you have to do what you can to keep it around. Don’t try to save money here and throw it in the washer. Take the time to get your blazers dry cleaned so you can be sure to look sharp at your next outing!


Re-Wear.  If you only wore it for a couple hours, then hang it back up. This is a great way to preserve the brights of your favorite clothes. Essential oils can also be used to to sanitize  for in-between washes.

Now that you have learned some helpful tips, you can extend the life of your favorite wardrobe pieces. Come shopping for the favorites you don’t even know yet waiting for you on the racks at The Loft.


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