Where did the Heart Symbol Originate?


From the first moment in your kindergarten class when you received a Valentines card, it was most certainly in the shape of a heart. But where did this peculiar shape of representational romance originate? It’s origin though basic in nature may surprise you! 


Like many things of the past, Aristotle may be a source for the beginnings of our now loved heart shape. The heart shape may have been a result of medical drawings that resembled the ones described by Aristotle. There are many ancient writings that link the physical human heart to emotion and spiritual connection which makes an abstracted medical drawing perhaps the first shaping of our now widely accepted heart shape.

There are a few other theories that are linked to the heart shape. Some are simply the heart found in nature. For example, two swans kissing make a heart shape, and delicious red strawberries when cut in half also boast of love.

A popular flower, the bleeding heart, is just another example of the shape making its appearance in naturally beautiful situations.


Regardless of where it came from, we can all agree, nothing says love like a big red heart. Stop in and see our latest spring inventory including many “sweetheart” necklines! Happy Valentines Day from The Loft!

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