Trending at The Loft – Spring 2017 Newsletter



The spring has sprung early and we couldn’t be more thrilled! We have so many great events you won’t want to miss! We also have updates on prom items in this seasonal newsletter you won’t be able to resist scrolling all the way to the bottom. Enjoy the news and deals this season at The Loft!

Grab Your Planner


Farmers Market


The Ames Main Street Farmers Market is truly a community event. They are excited to bring people together from the surrounding area to enjoy the bounty of the locally grown produce, delicious baked goods and beautifully hand crafted items.


Starting May 3rd, Saturdays 9am-12:30pm


300 & 400 blocks of Main Street Ames, Iowa

Consignment Announcements 



Please Note…

  • Spring items are being accepted now including: Capris, Jeans, Short-Sleeve Tops, Light Weight Jackets
  • Summer items are being accepted now including:  Tanks, shorts, sandals, summer dresses.
  • We will no longer be accepting clothing in any type of trash bag.  This wrinkles the clothes and makes them unsellable.
  • We will be standing pretty firm on 25 items of clothing a day to make it fair so that all consignor’s items make it to the sale’s floor.  If you have any questions or are coming from a long way away, just give us a call and we will get it worked out!

What you need to know about prom dresses….

  • Prom dresses are being accepted now and are ready for purchase! This is a great place to find a unique and affordable dress!
  • Formal wear need to be dry cleaned.
  • Dresses should be no older than 3 years. 
  • We will stop taking dresses March 15th, but sell them through May.

Here are a few of our featured dresses – We have a gorgeous selection so watch our Facebook page or follow us on Instagram and pop in any time for daily arrivals!

Don’t forget to check out our prom jewelry when shopping for your dress!


We also have a ton of adorable shoes to complete your outfit!


Our displays are lined with unique and stylish jewelry that has just arrived. Keep reading for new and inventive ways to wear our affordable pieces!

Be the First to Know


From the first moment in your kindergarten class when you received a Valentines card, it was most certainly in the shape of a heart. But where did this peculiar shape of representational romance originate? It’s origin though basic in nature may surprise you! Read more here!

Loft Black Green Tag

Until Next Time

Thank you for taking the time to read our news. We are committing to make this the best year yet at The Loft and we can’t wait to keep sharing our one of a kind products with our one of kind shoppers.

Thank you for your business, and as always for shopping local!


Amy Abrams

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