Why do We Wear Green on St. Patricks Day


If you’ve ever felt a painful pinch on March 17th, you are well aware you disobeyed the green policy for St. Patrick’s Day. But why green, and more importantly why a pinch? In order to find out we must go back in time to the luscious lands of Ireland and the mythical world of leprechauns. Read on to get your answer and get inspired by items in store available this St. Patrick’s Day to keep you looking stylish and pinch free the whole day through.

Blue to Green

It may surprise you to find out that the original color associated with St. Patrick’s Day is blue. The holiday originated as a Catholic celebration of St. Patrick. As the patron saint of Ireland, the green landscape and shamrocks became a large part of the celebration, changing the color from blue to green.

Ireland Tradition

The color green has been associated with Ireland since the 1600s. After Irishmen became persecuted for green in the 19th and 20th centuries, the tie to St. Patrick’s day grew popularity.


Little Leprechauns Lurking

The holiday has since spread outside of Catholic tradition and involves now the tricky leprechaun as part of the event. Legend holds that green makes you invisible to the little leprechauns, therefore without wearing green, you have no protection from pinches!


Do you have St. Patrick’s day plans? If so, stop in so we can make sure you don’t suffer the fate of those daring not to wear green! See you soon at The Loft!



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