Hats Off?

We want to know how you feel about hats indoors! Do you think it’s rude to continue to wear a hat when you enter a building, or totally acceptable? Does gender matter for this fashion regulation? Take your poll then read on to find out what our research revealed!


Back in the day, it was custom for a man to remove his hat when entering most buildings, but especially churches. If greeting someone of higher standing or if a lady was present, hats were removed as a sign of respect and honor. For women, they did not seem to have to abide by the same rules and a head covering was often a sign of their due honor.


Even in modern days the expectation would be for a gentleman to remove his hat in restaurants, if the national anthem is being played, if the flag of the United states passes by, or at mealtimes.


Fashion hats can be worn at almost any occasion, and in almost any structure. In a professional office we would advise against a woman wearing a hat. The same rules for a male apply to a female if wearing a baseball or informal hat.


Cancer patients are free to wear hats of any kind at any time with out being considered rude.

We have some great ISU caps to sport around as you see fit! Stop in today to check these and other great accessories out and keep following our blogs to discover theĀ dos and don’ts of fashion!

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