The Evolution of Leggings

The battle of leggings as pants is ongoing, but regardless of your beliefs, no one can deny they are crazy comfortable and a necessity in all wardrobes. Leggings have a popularity that has built a recent history, making it a worthwhile study to see how to think of these useful and fashionable wardrobe essentials.

History of Leggings

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Current View of Leggings

We love and support fashion of all kinds at The Loft. We carry them in store and love to see fashion leggings come in on consignment. Leggings are found in high level fashion in a plethora of styles. They are making a comeback in all kinds of bold fun patterns. They are the secret weapon for both comfort and style!

Your Thoughts?

What do you think? Are leggings pants or only for working out? Do you have a favorite type or style you Admire most? Let us know what you’d love to see in store in the comments below!

Our Inventory

We have a broad selection of colors and sizes in stock and ready to go at The Loft in Ames, Iowa. Stop in soon to layer up for fall fashion. They look stunning under a long sweater or paired with fashion forward footwear. At $8.00/pair you’ve got to come snag a pair or two today!



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