Blue Jeans – Are they Bad for the Environment?

Blue jeans are possibly the most popular option for pants in America for every man, woman, and child. When purchasing jeans, did it ever cross your mind that with such a huge popularity these jeans might be bad for the environment? We’ve done our research on what to look for in your denim purchases, and how consignment can help redeem these otherwise somewhat unfriendly environmental options.

What makes jeans bad for the environment?

Jeans are predominately made of cotton.  It takes a lot of water to sustain the cotton industry resulting in each pair of jeans can take over 1,500 gallons of water to produce.

The chemistry of jeans can also be complicated in our environment as different blends come into play. These chemicals can end up being dumped into our environment and waterways. The distressed look we all have come to love is often chemically bathed only adding to the problem.

How can you look for environmental friendly jeans?

  • Look for brands that are consciously making green choices.
  • Purchase good quality jeans that can last longer, therefor cutting down on the lifetime costs, giving you more use out of fewer pairs of jeans.
  • Look for jeans with recycled content.
  • Consider how you care for the jeans after they have a spot in your home. Washing your clothes on cold and hanging to dry can help save on water and energy when cleaning!

How can buying consignment help the environment?

Shopping consignment helps the environment overall by giving clothes a second life with someone new. Bring in your good quality clothes to The Loft in Ames, Iowa to make some green (cash) and save some green (trees) in the process! When you rescue a pair of jeans that might otherwise lay waste in someone’s closet you aren’t creating a demand for new jeans which as you read saves a lot of water and chemicals from being introduced into the environment.




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