How to Properly Measure your Ring Size

There is nothing quite as frustrating as the beautiful new ring you’ve squeezed over your knuckle that calls for the jaws of life to remove. It’s important you know how to size your ring properly to get a good fit for purchasing jewelry now and even when that special someone in your life may need to know your size for popping the question! Learn how to accurately measure your ring size quickly and easily!

How to Measure

There are a few different tactics we recommend to find your true ring size

  1. Visit a local jewelry shop and have them measure your ring finger using their professional ring sizers. Perhaps try on a few of the rings as well to make sure it can easily (but not too easily) slide off around your knuckle. The thickness of a ring can make a difference as well.
  2. Take a string and wrap it around your finger end to end. Lay it flat on this printable template to determine your size! Make sure your printer is set to print at 100%
  3. Just like clothes different countries have different sizing systems. Make sure you know when purchasing your ring which sizing system is being used. Below is the American size chart.

Tips for Getting a Stuck Ring Off

  1. Put your hand over your head for a few minutes
  2. Run your hand under cold water
  3. Use vaseline on your finger around the knuckle and ring
  4. Twist the ring to get it over the knuckle vs. pulling it straight off

Our Inventory of Rings


At The Loft, we have such a beautiful inventory of rings we’re sure you won’t even mind if they get stuck! Stop in soon to check out these and many other rings that are as affordable as they are fashionable.

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