Jewelry Trends By Decade


Take a trip with us through the jewelry trends of the last 100 years to inspire your wardrobe this fall! You don’t have to spend a fortune if you love something about each decade when shopping at The Loft in Ames. We have so many of these timeless fashion trends in stock and ready to make you the fashionista of the season.

Trends of each decade are usually consistent across all forms of created art such as graphics, architecture, and fashion. This is definitely the case in the roaring 20s as Art Nouveau and Art Deco inspired the jewelry of the time. The prosperity of the 20s lead to extravagant costume jewelry with bold colors, geometric shapes, and long drop earrings that paired with the short haircuts of the day.

The great depression had a lot to do with the jewelry trends of the 30s. Materials and resources were scarce and excess wealth was not as prevalent, causing costume jewelry to take a huge presence. Simple styles with bolder colors became the prevailing trends.

As wars continued and plastic became an option for materials, costume jewelry because attainable and popular. With print advertisements now containing color, this gave an opportunity for color in all fashion to be advertised. Sunburst and florals also became popular.

The world was starting to bounce back and new wealth was forming. Materials such as platinum were now being set with diamonds. Brooches were part of every day fashion. Pearls, a timeless beauty were as popular as ever. Classic and classy were the game of the day.

Colors were bold and angles were praised for the 1960s jewelry trends. Pop art was popular during the time giving license to use primary colors that stood out. New materials in plastics were also beginning to be incorporated into jewelry.

Mood rings, parties, friendship and love. The 70s are as bold as they are colorful but expensive is no longer a trend during this decade. Rings were on trend with puzzle/stackable and mood rings growing in popularity.

The bigger the better in the 1980s. Bold bangle bracelets and large beaded necklaces could be seen all over the fashion world. Large oversized cocktail rings were also popular.

Light, delicate, and location were the key features of trends through the 90s. Chokers  came in plastics as well as fine costume jewelry. Ankle bracelets and toe rings, though very uncomfortable, gave us new places to show bling. Simple bead necklaces also made an appearance during this decade.

The great melting pot of the jewelry world is part of this century’s trends. Vintage is in and so are modern metals. Clean lines and textural jewelry give interest and allow people to express themselves which is a huge part of today’s culture. Ear cuffs and chokers are more recent trends in 2017.

Stop in soon to check out our ever growing and ever changing jewelry selection at The Loft!





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