The Great Clothing Size Controversy

Have you ever been shopping and swore that you were a size 4 but suddenly you find yourself squeezing into a size 8? Most likely it’s safe to say – it’s not you, it’s the industry. We wanted to know why the variations in clothing sizes for women and how you can deal with this ever growing fashion issue.


Clothing wasn’t always made for a mass market. During the industrial revolution there was a need to standardize clothing sizes to get uniforms created for men. Women however are a much more difficult gender to fit with variations in proportions. Sizing charts came on the scene in the 50s to help get a better fit for retailers.

Vanity Sizing

Leave it to marketers to take an opportunity to sell more to their target markets. Think of how much better you feel when you are a size 12 typically and now you suddenly fit perfectly in a size 6 with no additional dieting or exercise. It’s a tactic to get more women to buy clothing that makes them feel better about themselves.

Sizing by Country

The world we live in today thrives on international trading. It is very likely a lot of the clothing you own was not made here in the United States. To add to the frustration you may also run into UK, European, or additional country’s sizing charts.


The Solution

The only real solution is to try clothes on in person in the stores. Most retailers will be consistent at least among themselves. This will help make sure if you find clothing you like at a certain retailer, it will most likely stay the same at least through the season!

The Loft in Ames, Iowa carries many gently used name brand clothing that are all brought in on consignment with various sizes. We can’t offer a full solution by reading tags, but we do have lovely dressing rooms to make sure you have the perfect fit before you leave the store! Stop in to see us soon!





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