5 Ways to Wear a Scarf to make a Statement

Temperatures are dropping fast. We suggest you make the best of it. Chilly weather is the perfect excuse to come into The Loft for some retail therapy! One of our favorite staples is the ever versatile scarf! Here are five unique ways to wear a scarf to keep you stylishly cozy all season long.

  1. The Knotted Necklace: Place the scarf on your neck. Take one end and loop it around your hand using your other hand to pull the end through the loop to make a loose knot. Take the other end and pull it through the knot. The knot should be positioned at about mid torso for a nice relaxed, casual look.

Image from tarsungroup.com

2. Cowl Neck:  Start by tying the ends of the scarf together. Then place it over your head with the tie on the back of your neck. Next twist the scarf and wrap it over your head again. Fluff up the front of the scarf to make a cowl neck.

Image from sozowhatdoyouknow.blogspot.com

3. Twisted Neck Wrap: Wrap the scarf around your neck multiple times, twisting it as you go. Tie the ends together and tuck them into the scarf. This creates a cozy, preppy looking neck wrap.

4. Braided Necklace: Put the scarf on and tie it in a loose half knot. Take one side and pull it over the other and then under the knot and through the loop. Repeat with the other side and alternate until the end and then tie the pieces together.

Image from Alarte Silks

5. Shoulder Shawl: This one is great for wide scarves and easy to accomplish. Wrap the scarf over your shoulders. Pull the ends under your arms and tie them together behind your back. Ultimate cozy!

Fall 2017 Fashion Trends

When looking for your scarf in store keep in mind this fall’s outstanding trends.  Adding these elements via scarf is an inexpensive way to stay up with current fashions!

  • Deep Reds
  • Plaids
  • Chocolate Browns
  • Emerald Green




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