Is Gift Giving Becoming More Difficult?

In the days of modern technology and especially in America, the land of plenty, you may find it increasingly difficult to shop and find the best gifts for your family and friends. It seems as if everyone has more then they need, or if they do want something it’s easily accessible. We have a few ideas to stretch your gift giving abilities to help you think outside the box when you are shopping this holiday season.

  1. Consign your gently used items: You can easily kill two birds with one stone by consigning your clothes and accessories that are filling your closet. This will allow someone to find a unique and lovely gift to share, as well as free up space for potential gifts you will receive.

  1. Give an experience: Instead of purchasing a physical gift, consider giving an experience such as movie tickets or a subscription to a series of live shows. These won’t take up space and if they take place in the winter, who doesn’t want to stay busy and stay out of the cold?

  1. Gift Cards: Give a gift card that will enable the recipient to pick out whatever they need. If you end up with a gift card to The Loft, they will be sure to shop a wide selection of one of a kind items.

  1. Shop Local: Find a local artist or shop a local business to make the gift giving process a community building experience.
  2. Use technology in your favor: Perhaps you have a social person on your gift list who is constantly posting on social media. This can offer great insight and inspiration into unique gifts. Consider if  you discover they are gearing up for a trip to Florida and they just posted how excited they are to go. Stop in to The Loft and assemble an affordable get a way kit complete with a bag, sun hat, sun glasses, and statement necklace!

Gift giving may be seemingly difficult, but with a little thought and shopping at good local small businesses, you can make this a one of a kind Christmas!

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