Five Date Night Ideas and Outfit Ideas “To Boot”

Valentine’s day is right around the corner. If you are on top of your game,  you have reservations at your favorite restaurant, but if you procrastinated we’ve got some great ideas that will save you some time and money.  You will look like a romantic hero for putting thought into this special occasion! We’ve got five unique ideas to share, as well as coordinating outfits that are available for purchase at The Loft in Ames, Iowa right now!

If you do have reservations for a night out on the town, we’ve got the threads to make you look your best. Even if this outfit doesn’t suit your style needs, we have a vast array of jewelry and shoes that will freshen up any outfit for a successful Valentine’s day date! We recommend over doing it, because how often do you really get the opportunity to get out of the house and paint the town red?
Maybe you’re more inclined to stay in for the evening. Make it more exciting by creating a DIY centerpiece. If you’ve got littles at home let them help, then send them off to bed and cook up a gourmet meal for you and your sweet heart!
Your significant other is not the only person who needs love in their lives. Show a family member or friend how much you love them by creating a package of special treats. Drop them off along with a big hug!
If you feel a little intimidated by the kitchen, or even if you are an expert cook, who just needs to get outside your cooking routines, try one of the popular “at home” cooking kits and cook together as a couple!
Another idea to avoid long waits at a restaurant is to make the big event a new and engaging activity. Sign up for an escape room, go bowling, attend a trivia night, or take dance lessons.
No matter how you spend your Valentine’s day, it’s a wonderful occasion to treat yourself to an outfit you love! We’ve got all of these pairings and more at The Loft in Ames Iowa!






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