Spring into Fashion Forward Florals

It’s officially spring and nothing reminds us more than the longing to see the first spring flower bloom. No garden, no problem. You can sport flowers in fashion, subtle or not, everyone can rock a good floral print and spring is just the occasion! We’ve got a few ideas for how to use this timeless pattern to enhance your spring wardrobe.

Rompers: The one and done concept works great for a sunny spring day that is as carefree as your outfit. Pick your favorite flower color out of the bunch and accessorize with your jewelry and shoes to match.


Contrasting: Mix 2-4 colors of contrast to help give definition to your outfit. Use a light solid shirt with the above skirt to create contrast.

Layer: Picture this lovely spring jacket atop a plain black t-shirt and your favorite skinny jeans.


Color Blocking: Use the science of color to bring together a mature look. You may select a monochromatic (one color in different hues) color scheme to help tone down the other elements of your outfit while using a heavy floral pattern under these blocks of color.

Complimentary Colors: Choose colors opposite of each other on the color wheel to help tone down the outfit as a whole. Easily select colors that work together by choosing their proven compliments.

These are just a few of the treasures we have in store at The Loft! Come in soon to grab your florals and welcome spring into your fashion!




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