National Bosses Day!

During the month of October we get to celebrate the people who lead our fantastic team!  Tuesday, October 16th is National Bosses Day. We did some interviews at The Loft and Duck Worth Wearing to find out how Amy and Eric rank on “the best boss scale”. Read on to find out how they did and the top 5 qualities of a good boss.

Top 5 Qualities of a Good Boss:

  1. Communication is key! Take the time to communicate your vision with your employees and make sure they understand the reasons for what they’re doing.
  2. Provide feedback. Consistently giving your employees feedback on things they’re doing well and things they need to improve on leads to a healthy work environment. Sometimes employees don’t know when they’re not completing the full task, help them understand what areas they need to improve on.
  3. Let employees know you care. Most people want to feel that they are cared for.  Asking your employees a simple question about their family or pet makes them feel valued in the workplace.
  4. Share your own experiences. In return, employees like to know that you’re a human being as well. Share with them your own personal experiences and let them get to know you on a more personal level to build loyalty.
  5. Make work fun! If you love your job it doesn’t feel like work. Create a welcoming culture for your employees. Host weekly, monthly, or yearly events to give employees something to look forward to and a chance to bond.

Head to The Thriving Small Business to see 5 more ways you can be a great boss.

Amy and Eric’s Ranking

We went to the staff to ask what makes working at The Loft and Duck Worth Wearing so great? Here’s what we found out…

Wether the employees are students, parents, retired, or just starting life out on their own, Amy and Eric are always accommodating. They treat their employees with respect and put people before business, even if that means they have to step in to help out. Not only are Amy and Eric great people, they create and a warm and welcoming atmosphere in the workplace. One employees said “The staff are more like a family rather than just co-workers.” Being able to have a good time with peers allows work to feel less like work. With a fun and laid back culture, The Loft and Duck Worth Wearing are great places for employees and customers alike.

Thanks Amy and Eric!

With fall fast approaching, don’t let the weather cramp your style. Stop into The Loft and see the warm boots, sweaters, jeans and more!


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